The Big Book of Crafts & Activities


The Big Book of Crafts & Activities, published by DK Publishing, features a variety of, you guessed it, crafts and activities that kids can do themselves. Although, a few of the projects do require adult assistance for younger readers. I counted 59 different activities and 123 pages, not including the index, with the three main categories of cooking, crafting, and tips. I tried out a few of the crafts, which were the Pebble Creatures (pages 64-65) and the Pebble Flowers (pages 66-67), both of which came out really cool. I am planning on making the Marbled Paper (pages 54-55) and the Recycled Pom-Poms (pages 28-29) as well.

I thought this book was great and easy to follow, with a variety of activities for almost all interests. There were some projects, though, that required materials that may not be available to some people. I would recommend this book for an age group of about 8-12, however I think some of these projects could still be enjoyed later. With that in mind, The Big Book of Crafts & Activities receives a rating of:


  Images from: (cover) and (stars).


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