A Handful of Stars


A Handful of Stars by Cynthia Lord is about a girl named Lily and her blind dog, Lucky. When Lucky gets loose while Lily is walking him, he runs into the blueberry barrens. Fortunately for the both of them, Salma, one of the migrant workers, intercepts Lucky, potentially saving his life. Lily and Salma become close friends, and they work together towards one goal: to earn enough money for Lucky to have an operation on his eyes. At the same time, Salma enters the Blueberry Queen pageant, hoping to be the first migrant worker to ever win the contest.

I thought that the first few chapters were quite boring the first time I read it, but when I reread the book, I found that it was so much more complex. I liked how everything tied together, causing a chain reaction throughout the whole book. I also enjoyed reading the plot twists, as they showed a different perspective of life itself. This book had interesting characters, and they showed that even the tiniest of hopes can lead to something huge. However, this book did have a sadder atmosphere to it, which I didn’t particularly like. I would say this book is for an age group of around 10-13, because while the language itself is not difficult to understand, younger readers might not understand the plot. This book comes to a total of 184 pages, on the shorter side. After all of that, A Handful of Stars receives a rating of:


Cover from barnesandnoble.com, stars from loveablereader.com.


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