The City of Ember


The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau is about two kids named Lina and Doon, who live in the underground city of Ember. Ember relies solely on its stored supplies, especially their light bulbs, which are their only source of light. The builders of Ember provided only enough supplies to last the city through the disaster that was going to destroy the life above ground, and that disaster has long since been over, causing a severe shortage in supplies. The builders left a box containing an exit route out of Ember with the Mayor, who passed it down to the next Mayor, and so on. The box was set to unlock after the disaster struck, ensuring that the people of Ember would return safely afterward. However, the box was lost, and young Lina found it and the instructions inside quite some time later. She and Doon, her close friend, were going to use the builder’s instructions to escape Ember.

I enjoyed reading this book, as it was suspenseful and exciting, and also had an ironic twist that made me think. It had strong characters, a good plot, and was an overall interesting story. This book comes to a total of 270 pages, a good amount by my standards. I would recommend an age group of perhaps 9 to 12 for this book, though I don’t see why younger and older children wouldn’t enjoy it. There is a sequel to this book, and I am excited to read it. With that, The City of Ember receives a rating of:


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