Warriors: Book 2: Fire and Ice

Warriors: Book 2: Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter is once again in the perspective of Firepaw, the housecat- turned- ThunderClan apprentice, just after his warrior ceremony, during which he takes the name Fireheart. Fireheart and his newly-made warrior friend Graystripe are sent on a special mission to bring WindClan back into the forest after Brokenstar drove them out of their territory. On the way home from the journey, an unexpected battle breaks out… and one Clan loses a Clanmate. Graystripe blames himself for the accident, which causes even more complications.

I thought this book was really well written, and I liked it better than the first book, which I reviewed a while back. You can check that out here. Again, this book has vivid scenery, an exciting plot, and well-developed characters. I really enjoyed reading this book, and I am excited to review book three! This book is slightly longer than book one, at 317 pages, and I would recommend an age group of 8 to 11, like the first book. With that, Warriors: Book 2: Fire and Ice receives a rating of:


Covers from warriors.wikia.com, stars from clipartbest.com.


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