Washi Tape Crafts


Washi Tape Crafts by Amy Anderson is a really great book that provides ideas from custom coasters to decorating envelopes to organization tips. The cover says, “110 ways to decorate just about anything”. This is completely true. There are a ton of amazing crafts to try, and I did a few. I found an old notebook and tried out the Dressed-Up Notebooks craft (page 35).


I really liked the way it turned out. I also made the Washi Tape ID System (page 261).


It really works to help me keep track of my tapes. I am planning to make the Pet Silhouette Art as well (page 45), and I am really excited for Christmastime when I can try out the Out-of-the-Box Gift Wrap idea (page 63). In addition to supplying a bunch of really great ideas, this book also comes with ten small roles of washi tape to start your collection.


A good age group is probably 10+, because some crafts would be more difficult for younger readers to create and there is really no age limit on the fun for this one. It has a total of 298 pages and 110 ideas. Overall, I found this book to be really neat and helpful, and I can’t wait to try out some more crafts! Therefore, Washi Tape Crafts receives a rating of:


Cover from target.com and stars from clipartbest.com.



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